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Twin Screw Extruder Twin screw extruder is suitable for ripening and molding various kind of dog food, aqua feeds, meat analogue etc., and for treating some products which cannot be processed by a single screw extruder are of poor quality thanks to angled steam injector ports oriented in the direction of material flow, along with a unique screw profile that allows steam to be mixed into the product. It can used to produce special dog foods and treats with up to 50 percent fresh meat (as a percent of the dry recipe) and up to 40 percent moisture without changing. The barrel is a cylinder within which the screw turns with very close clearance. Usually the barrel is hardened to reduce wear, with resistance jacket. The screw is precisely machined often by nitriding treatment, sometimes with varying pitch. Through changing assembly of segments (mixing element, kneading element and steam block), the extruder can meet different products’ requirement. The movement of the motor is transferred to the screw with the help of special design gear box to get maximum transmission efficiency even under adverse high-torque conditions. The drive and thrust bearing in gear box is sophisticated. A sump including cooling system is available for the bearings’ lubrication and cooling. Extruder is control through an independent control panel.

Extrusion barrel:

The extrusion barrel is made by 38CrMoAl. The hardness is around HRC60. There are three barrel support, which hold the barrel. The steel plate is 10mm thickness. There are seven(7) steel bars to strength the steel platform and find a wonderful balance between reducer and gear box.

Feeding hopper:

The screw feeding hopper is driven by a 0,75 kw motor and the hopper is made of stainless steel. There are 2 mixing agitators in the feeding hopper.

Extrusion system:

The extrusion mechanism is driven by a 75.0 kw motor. The jacket and the screw are made of special hardened and tempered steel. The kind and quality of the steel treatment are special to provide more useful life to the parts. The gear in the reducer is made by heating treatment to harder and result by grinding machine, the surface is more smooth and shining.


Screw is made by special craft by 38CrMoAl excellent material and being Nitriding treatment. Segmented screw is available for special product requirement, including mixing flight, cut flight, kneading element, steam block, etc. There are 2 coupling stick between extruder barrel and gear box, which is protect by the housing coupling stick. The screws with self-cleaning function.

Cutting system:

It is a movable cutting system, with steam above exit and a fan for moving moisture above the product box.

Heating system:

The band is heated by band heater. Dimension for the band heater is 168*70 & 198*110 mm. Band heater is made by stainless steel. Cast aluminum heater also available as options. Water cooling is available when required.

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