Our Services


Our company is giving logistic and supply services to all kind of producers, investors, researchers at universities, SME's laboratory and R & D studies, system installations and machinery needs provided us.

Some of the services and equipments listed below;

Planning, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance & Technical Support Services
Import & Export, Custom Clearence and Marketing Services
Live, Frozen, Processed Aquaculture & Fisheries Products
Artemia, Algal Products, Rotifer Culture Foods and Enrichment Products
Starter Feeds, Growout Feeds, Broodstock and Aquarium Feeds
Feed Additives, Natural Feed Additives & Oils
Filters (Drum, Bag, Sand, Cartridge, Automatic Filters)
UV Sterilizer Systems
OZON Generator Systems
Water Analysis Equipments
Laboratory Equipments
Hatchery Equipments
Landbase Farming & Cage Farming Equipments
Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)Equipments
Oxygenation & Aeration Systems and Equipments
Probiotics & Enzymes
Biofilter Media Products & Bacteria Products
Heating / Cooling Systems
Oxygenmeters, Temparature, pHmeter, Salinometers
Fish Farm Feeder Systems

For further information please examine our catalog and contact us.